Ellen McLain is a voice actress and opera singer best known for voicing GLaDOS in the Portal video games, the Jaeger A.I., Gipsy Danger, in Pacific Rim, and Dota 2 characters: Broodmother and Death Prophet.

Her voice roles also include the Combine Overwatch in Half-Life 2, the Administrator, the narrator of Team Fortress 2, and The Witch in Left 4 Dead.

John Patrick Lowrie is an American voice actor, actor, musician and author best known for voicing the Sniper in Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2 characters: Doom, Earthshaker, and Shadow Fiend.

He has played Sherlock Holmes on the radio dramas The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes longer than any other actor in history.

Lowrie has also notably performed roles in other video games such as The Suffering, Total Annihilation and its expansions, The Operative: No One Lives Forever, Half-Life 2 and, Left 4 Dead.

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