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About Corpus Christi Comic Con

When is Corpus Christi Comic Con (C4)?

Corpus Christi Comic Con takes place in the summer of 2018 on June 23rd & 24th.

Where does it take place?

Corpus Christi Comic Con takes place in over 60,000 sq. feet of the Richard M. Borchard Reginoal Fairgrounds next door to the new Corpus Christi Outlets at the intersection of US Hwy 77 and TX Hwy 44. Follow this link for directions to the venue: http://www.rmbfairgrounds.com/guest-services/directions

What is there to do at Corpus Christi Comic Con?

There will be plenty of things to do at Corpus Christi Comic Con for the whole family! Take professional pictures with your favorite celebrities, enjoy fun panels, costume contests and buy some great art, toys and collectibles from all of our exhibitors.

How do I buy tickets? Are they available at the door?

Tickets for Corpus Christi Comic Con can be purchased online here. And will be available at the door.

Celebrities and Panels

When will each celebrity attend Corpus Christi Comic Con?

Unless otherwise notated all celebrity guests will attend both days (Sat/Sun) of Corpus Christi Comic Con . However, please check the full guest list to confirm prior to event.

Is there an additional charge for autographs?

Yes there is. Representatives for each celebrity normally determine autograph prices and post them at their celebrity’s table. Autographs may be purchased at the event itself and may not be posted online ahead of time.

Plan on autograph pricing to be between $20 -$50, cash only. ATMs will be available on site.

Can I bring something for them to sign?

Of course! Most celebrities have their own pictures to sign for you, or will be happy to sing an item you bring from home.

Can I take pictures at the autograph table?

This is largely dependent on each celebrity guest. Professional photo ops by Wolf Studios will be available for purchase online and onsite. Prints are available right away!

Where can I purchase a photo op?

To purchase a photo op, please visit Wolf Studios: http://www.wolfstudiosphotography.com/

If I purchase an advance photo op or autograph online, does this allow me entry in Corpus Christi Comic Con ?

No. You will need to also purchase a pass for the day you will be attending the event.

How many people are allowed in each photo op?

Will you have Q&A panels?

Yes! Panel schedule will be announced closer to the event.

What happens during the panels?

Every attendee can enjoy these scheduled panels regardless of your ticket type. Please note that each panel is subject to capacity.


Is cosplay allowed?

Yes! Corpus Christi Comic Con encourages all attendees to dress up as their favorite pop culture themed characters.

Are weapons allowed?

No functional weapons are allowed at Corpus Christi Comic Con. DO NOT BRING REAL GUNS OF ANY TYPE TO THE SHOW— this includes individuals who possess a weapons permit (concealed or otherwise). Leave your guns, energy swords, rocket launchers, etc., at home.  Simulated or costume weapons are allowed as part of your costume. No projectile weapons (including but not limited to airsoft or paintball weapons) will be allowed. Weapons with a metal blade, must be sheathed at all times. ALL weapons are subject to inspection and must be peace-bonded at all times.

All weapons, props or anything remotely weapon-like must be checked with Security when you enter the convention.

Sharp or dull weapons will be peace-bound and tied at the door as you enter for registration. Make sure to ask for this service at time of registration to ensure a seamless process.

All simulated or costume weapons are subject to inspection by security or convention staff. Participants found to be in violation of these rules will be subject to removal from the show.

Are there any restrictions on what I can wear?

Corpus Christi Comic Con is a family friendly event, please use your best judgment in keeping your costumes tasteful and appropriate at all times. NO nudity or see-through material exposing body parts beyond the boundaries of good taste will be allowed. If needed, you may be asked to leave by Corpus Christi Comic Con staff or security.

What is Corpus Christi Comic Con’s anti-harassment policy?

Corpus Christi Comic Con will not tolerate harassment of any kind related to any comic con event. If you witness or are victim to any type of harassment during Corpus Christi Comic Con, contact either a staff member or volunteer to report it. Corpus Christi Comic Con’s s